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A Morning With Kaydence

Mornings are hectic. I am often times getting four children up and ready, as well as myself. I have had to make myself get up an hour before the kiddos, so that I can get ready, and be able to give them all of my attention. That being said, Landon 10, Kasen 6 and Emma, 5 are rather self sufficient. They are unbelievably independent in the morning, knowing that Kaydence requires assistance with all personal care.

On this particular morning, momma needed a shower!! I got up at 7:30, showered and decided that it would be fun to share a bit of our morning routine with you guys. I think sometimes it is hard to capture what it means to be full time around the clock care giver. It is parenting on steroids. Think about a baby. They need help with just about every aspect of their life. Now think of that baby, growing up to be a child. Now 7, and 40+ lbs. Kaydence still requires that same level of care.

She is still in diaper/pull ups (we are working on some potty training, FINALLY) so that is diaper changes throughout the day. Preparing and helping feed her, all of her meals. She needs assistance with bathing, getting in and out of the bath tub. Getting in and out of her chair, full assistance with brushing her hair, wiping her face, transfers in and out of the car. And then not to mention lifting her wheel chair in and out of the car, and then her in and out of the wheel chair. It is constant lifting. And it is exhausting. By the time Jake gets home, I am so ready to pass the torch. I am so ready for that break. For someone else to be able to lift her, draw up and administer her medication. Feed her. Change her. It is such a blessing to have Jake by our side and here to help me. I am not sure that I could survive without him!

Here is a little video I put together following our morning. I hope you all enjoy!

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