Special Needs

Guilty as Charged

I wanted to take a little break, and post on a lighter note. Special needs parenting can often times be bogged down with the sad, although true stories of the experiences we have been through. I often hear “oh, you are such a great mom” “I don’t know how you do it” “I could never do what you do everyday”

Well….I am guilty as charged. I try my best every day to strive for perfection but let’s be real. Many days my house is a mess. (There is a reason we call her Kaynado), More days than not I am falling behind on laundry, and I let my kids eat the shit out of some fruit snacks and pudding cups. No shame in my game.

I have learned over the years to let go of this idea of perfection. I see all of these bloggers, YouTube stars and social media gurus who pose with their perfect home in the background. It sets an unrealistic standard for any mom! I choose to spend time with my kids, and let the little things go.

Yes, we have chore charts and schedules. I teach my children responsibility and they help around the house. But, I am guilty. Guilty of not giving a crap from time to time. Yesterday Kaydence dumped out an entire box of lucky charm onto the floor only to proceed to sit her butt right in the middle of the pile and start picking out the marshmallows. Now, normally I would jump up and rush to clean it up. But yesterday, I just laughed, and yes, I let her eat happily from the pile of lucky charms on the floor.

Or the time that Kaydence decided to finger paint my house with my soup that I turned my back from for 2.5 seconds. The point is, I live a hectic life. A life full of ups and downs. Days where I am yelling at my kids like a drill sergeant to get their rooms clean or pick up their toys. But, there are also plenty of I don’t give a damn days. I need those days to recharge. I need those moments to laugh, and not take things so seriously.

What are some of your funny parenting stories? I could go on forever with mine, but I will keep it short. I would love to hear all about your I don’t give a damn days. They days where you just laughed instead of cried. We have all been there. Let’s hear it ❤️

-Brooke 💜

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