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Kay’s Birth Story

Where better to start then right at the beginning I suppose. I wanted to take some time to tell Kaydence’s birth story. Born December 24th 2012, what an adventure that quickly became.

I was just 18 when I found out that I was pregnant with Kaydence, and I had no idea of the impact this little girl would make on my life. At first, everything seemed “normal”, but looking back I now recognize the signs early on that were missed. At my 12 week appointment, I remember my doctor saying “You do not feel 12 weeks, are we sure we have you last period correct?” Well my cycles have always been very regular, so yes, I was sure. He sent me for an ultrasound and I was measuring a week behind. At the time this did not seem significant…but boy was I wrong.

So, you know that first ultrasound? well, turns out that was the only ultrasound that my insurance would cover, meaning that another ultrasound would not be performed unless medically necessary, which didn’t take long. Around 26 weeks, I was sent for another ultrasound for an anatomy scan. I found out that I was having a girl! They joy quickly faded. The ultrasound tech began measuring, and then remeasuring. You could have cut the tension in the room with a knife. I started asking what was wrong. She told me she just needed a few more measurements. I could see the percentages on the screen. She measured her head again…<1%, and then her body…all <1%. It was quiet. She left the room and returned with a doctor. Who eventually explained that my baby was measuring extremely small for her gestational age. I was to return twice a week for non stress tests and biophysical ultrasound. I cried. A lot. I was scared, and now placed on strict bedrest.

The following week I returned for my first nonstress test and scan. We passed the nonstress test with flying colors. However, the biophysical was another story. 10 minutes into the scan the ultrasound tech left the room and returned with a doctor. The blood flow from the placenta and my baby was not right. I am sure there is some technical medical term that they used but lets be real, all I heard was that something was wrong, and that I would not be going home for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Bedrest in the hospital began immediately, scans and tests several times a week, 24 hour monitors. After speaking with several doctors, it was decided that I would be induced at exactly 37 weeks. The doctors would be more help with her on the outside at that point. Induction began at 8am on Christmas eve. Labor progressed rather quickly and I delivered an adorable, tiny baby girl at 6:30pm, weighing just 4lbs. 9oz. The room was quiet, no one knew what to expect. Finally, we heard a faint cry. The NICU team checked her out and finally laid my baby on my chest. I remember being in shock. She was so small! My first thought was that I had no clothing to fit my tiny girl. (I know, of all things…but I remember that vividly)

I remember preparing for the worst, expecting my baby to be wheeled off to NICU immediately. I was relieved to learn that everything appeared to be fine, and that my baby would be staying in the room with me. I just remember staring at her in awe. She had so much hair. Shortly after birth, it was time to try to feed my sweet girl. This is when it all began. I felt like a failure, I could not get my baby to latch onto a nipple. She would not suck, She would not wake up enough to even attempt it. Jump to the next morning. Christmas day. The NICU docs came in and said it was time to go to NICU and place a feeding tube. This was the beginning of our journey. Up until her NICU stay, I was told that my body was just restricting her grown in uterine. However, we would soon learn, that was not the case.

Thank you so much for reading a piece of our story, and I hope you continue to follow along as we dive deep into the life of Kaydence!

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